Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Poetry Daily

I've been reading Poetry Daily since I can remember.

Currently, it's my homepage on my computer, the first webpage I see when I turn on my screen.  It makes a difference in my life to start each day with a poem.  For the first thing I see to be is poetry and not whatever the media deems as Important, no Top Story or Breaking News, just a poet and his or her words.

April is Poetry Daily's big push for donations as it's their Spring Fund Drive.  So if you want to support an organization who will give you Breaking Poems, the Top Poem of the Day, or Poetry You Can Use, give them a little help with a donation.

I have already donated as I want to keep my poem a day and I want to support their efforts in keeping poetry on my computer...daily.

Also, they have pretty nifty gifts if you give at a certain level.  Poetry Daily mugs, t-shirts, hats and umbrellas.

I have a Poetry Daily lunchbox from a few years ago that I adore.  I like seeing the word Poetry on my things and Poetry Daily, a reminder that what I need to keep present and upfront in my life each day is Poetry.

So thank you, Poetry Daily! for my daily poem.



  1. You have just convinced me to change my homepage to Poetry Daily. Currently it's set to my online store--so immediately I begin working, or at least thinking about work. Poetry is a much better way to begin a day. Glad I ran into this post. :-)

  2. Amy,

    Yes, I love my poem first thing in the morning. I had my homepage set to MSNBC and started day with bad news. It's so much nicer to begin with a poem.

    Thanks for your note.


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