Sunday, April 17, 2011

The FINAL List - For the Big Poetry Book Giveaway 2011! 126+ Free books of poems here:

Dear Friends,

Well, we have 63 Bloggers participating in this poetry giveaway.  Thank you all who have donated your books and your favorite books to spread a little poetry into the world.

We've officially closed taking bloggers for this National Poetry Month event, but these giveaways will continue to go on through April.  And I was browsing the books today-- and wow, there are some great books that will be in some lucky reader's hands soon.

I will be away from email for the next week (I'll explain a bit more about that tomorrow), but it's all good, I've got a week of my own work ahead of me, so continue to have a Happy Poetry Month.

Here's the FULL AND FINAL LIST ---
(click on the blog name to enter into the drawing):

BIG POETRY GIVEAWAY! -- List of Blogs Participating...


  1. I missed the cut off (partly due to being out of town and no Internet)BUT I am still giving away 2 books:

  2. I wish I knew about this in time to post it to my weekly post w/poetry news for JP Poetry Community:

    Please put me on your email list for news and event updates. Thanks!


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