Sunday, April 03, 2011

Deb Ager (@32poems) Adds to National Poetry Month with a daily updated LIST of Recommended Poetry Books!

Here's the list for each day, poets and what they are sharing.  
My day is April 22!  

April 1: John Poch
April 2: Jonterri Gadson
April 3: Eric Weinstein
April 4: M.E. Silverman
April 5: Arielle Greenberg
April 6: Lucy Biederman
April 7: Eric Pankey
April 8: TBD
April 9: Collin Kelley
April 10: Jennifer Atkinson
April 11: Luke Johnson
April 11: Interview with Terri Witek
April 12: Holly Karapetkova
April 13: Daniel Nester
April 15: Carolina Ebeid
April 16: M. Scott Douglass
April 17: Adam Vines
April 18: Elizabeth J. Coleman
April 19: Bernadette Geyer
April 20: Sally Molini
April 21: Interview with Jeffery L. Bahr
April 21: TBD
April 21: Kelli Russell Agodon
April 22: Jeannine Hall Gailey
April 23: George David Clark
April 24: Rachel Zucker
April 25: Lisa Russ Spaar
April 26: Carrie Jerrell
April 27: Ren Powell
April 28-on: TBD

You can more about this event at Deborah Ager's list here at 32 Poems.


Maureen said...

Congratulations on making the list.

JL Dodge said...

I am confused, I thought I had the list of prompts for the 30 day writing challenge, but after reading a few other blog, Im not so sure... can you help us out a bit, because I have a few people following me that are going by the list I have, but its not what others are doing....
any help you can give will be grately appreciated !

Kells said...

JL- I'm not sure there's an exact list to use. I think it's all personal preference or write a poem with a prompt. I know Robert Lee Brewer usually has a specific prompt he wants poets to follow, but I guess it just depends on how you are participating in NaPoWriMo.

Does that help?

Lyle Daggett said...

Thanks for posting this list -- I followed the link to the 32 Poems blog, and left a few poem book recommendations in the comment box.


Totally off-topic here, but wanted to mention this -- when I came to your blog just now, just below this blogpost there's an ad (one of those Google ads in blogs that "monetize," I guess that's what it is, I don't have ads in m blog)--

an ad in your blog for a petition to defund Planned Parenthood, with a link for people go and "sign" an online petition.

And I'm kind of more or less guessing (just a general impression from having read your blog for a few years now) that you're not necessarily opposed to Planned Parenthood, and that you don't necessarily support removing its funding?

My impression is that the Google ads in a blog are fed in more or less randomly, maybe based somewhat on a blog's content (or Google word searches, etc.), and I suppose this ad just happened to be here when I came to the blog.

--Anyway just wanted to make you aware of this.


Again thanks for posting the list from Debra Ager's blog. I love stuff like this.

Kells said...


A million thanks for letting me know about what ad you saw! Yes, I am a big supporter of Planned Parenthood and it annoys me to learn there was an anti-planned Parenthood ad on my blog.

I'll be confessing more about adsense tomorrow and my love/hate relationship with it. ;-)

Anyway, I SO appreciate you letting me know this. Adsense is off my blog and will not be back!

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