Saturday, April 16, 2011

Poem on the Rumpus!

Art by Sophia Blackall (she has an Etsy shop too, see the end of the post for more details)

I'm on the Rumpus today... I mean, my poem is!

Click here to see what you think.  It's a classified ad poem, a missed connection (also the title).  

Thanks, Rumpus!


And I just found the artist who did that wonderful image above, Sophie Blackall, and here's a link to her Etsy shop for more of her work & prints for sale.


  1. This is, I admit, my first exposure to your writing - I can only say I wish I had found it earlier! Love "a missed connection".

    Also, thanks for the recent writing prompts and links, they have proven helpful and compelling.

    Thanks again!

  2. Thank you! And Justin - I appreciate that!

  3. Delightful poem, Kelli. Congratulations.

    Love the illustration here.

  4. Thanks, Maureen! Glad you liked the poem!


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