Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Follow-Up: Claudia Rankine Posts her AWP Response on her Website #AWP11

Go to and under "Criticism" press *AWP.

Also, Sara Jaffe posted an excellent response to what she saw and heard, being in the audience at that reading that day.

So, now I know.  

Also, many thanks to the friend who sent me another response, which I was going to post here, but since we have the Claudia's actual words and Sara's response, which was posted publicly on her blog I won't.

It's too early in the morning for me to have any big, smart thoughts on this, but again, my heart leans towards Claudia and with gratitude for speaking up for what she thinks and believes in.

I have Tony Hoagland's book (What Narcissism Means to Me) and obviously, I didn't read it that carefully because I didn't know that poem when it was mentioned (or that it was in that book, oops).

So, you can read Tony's poem, read Claudia's response and come up with your own opinions.  I am not really a fan of conflict or any thing that puts one person vs. another person, but I think this is an opportunity for a larger conversation and I'm always open for that, for people to talk about the larger issues and not about the weather (and honestly, I am so sick of hearing about the weather...she says under blue skies and a planned mountain biking trip later this afternoon).

I'd love to hear others thoughts on this if you're willing to share.


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    Here's a blog that also includes a summary of Hoagland's response to Rankine's comments. I think it's important to read his thoughts on the poem as well, especially after reading Rankine's "report" as he calls it.


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