Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thankful Thursday - Late Night

Here are a few things I am thankful for--

Supportive family and friends and people I have never met in person.

Early morning ferries and fog.

A writing date with a friend that included not just writing and poetry, but lunch, 3 consignment shops, an art supply store, organic chocolate with cranberries, white chocolate creme brulee with rosewater for two, two full hours of being productive, and a fashion show with shoes from Africa.

The universe, not just listening, but responding in a matter of 45 minutes.  Thanks, universe.

Good news that will happen October 6th on one of my favorite websites (more on this later)

A trophy for awarded for absolutely nothing and everything.

A $16 furry pink coat in the consignment shop that someone else more braver than myself is going to find and going to love.

Seeing a woman take her chihuahua into the dressing (and no, this is not a metaphor).

Late night ferries that get me home and being able to walk long distances without the fear someone is lurking (or doing worse) in the bushes.

Driving home and seeing a raccoon by the mudflats and knowing he got off the road safely and was probably eating some good fish.

The orange wedge moon last night, rising at 11:36 tonight.  Incredible


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  1. How different from my poet life in South Carolina but reminds me of many small things for which I am thankful. I enjoy your blog.


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