Sunday, September 05, 2010

I *heart* Gmail Priority InBox - A new way to organize your life...

So Gmail just came out with this new thing called Priority InBox and I love it.

Basically, what it does is moves the emails/people you respond to most into a Priority Box, so you see them first.  All the other stuff (Vistaprint emails, Facebook emails, forwarded emails from your crazy aunt with photos of cute animals, etc) all fall into the catagory "Everything else."

You put a star by what you want to respond to (or do) later and that falls into the "Starred" category so it doesn't get lost.

If you're someone who likes to be organized, likes lists and priorities (like me), then this is  will give you that happy flutter in your stomach when you set it up.

I know, I'm kind of odd that way, but I get a cheap thrill through priorities and organization.

Anyway, I tried this today and wanted to recommend it to you in case you saw the "Priority InBox - Beta" and wasn't sure what it was.  (I did watch the video first, though I had a feeling I would love it...and did.)

P.S.  I realize I sound as if I live a boring life as I type this.  I do.  I understand that.



  1. it is making me happy, too!

  2. I hadn't even noticed! Thanks for the heads up -- this is the kind of thing that makes my day too! Nic

  3. Gmail gets better and better. Priority inbox is geeky heaven. Being able to sign in to a second account from the same screen and being able to unsend and email -- brilliant stuff.

  4. I like it so far, although it is taking it a while to "learn" what is and isn't important (Facebook notifications were all going into the "important" section at first). But it has already helped me unearth a couple of things I had meant to respond to that had gotten buried. I'm hopeful that it will continue to help me get organized... somehow.

  5. Another cool thing that gmail now does is allow you to embed a photo into your email instead of adding it as an attachment.

  6. Anne,

    I had that FB issue, but it has learned that those posts *aren't* priority. It did take a few. I had wondered if it was because the people who had left me comments, etc. *were* priority people for me, but the FB part was not. Either way, it has learned well! Good Gmail. ;-)


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