Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Door is Opening -or- What I Hope To Find on my Porch Soon:

Put it in your pantry with your cupcakes.

As I type this, I cannot get the Bon Jovi song out of my head, "Oh, we're halfway there, oh, oh, living on a prayer..."  Along with the song, "Mrs. Robinson," though I'm not sure why.

It's September 15th, do you know your poetry book is?  

Before I use anymore pop-culture references--Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me--let me tell you what we're halfway to, we're halfway through September, which means 15 more days until my book is officially available.

Amazing.   Remember when I was just announcing that I won?  And now, where there was nothing, there will be something.

And if you're interested in your own something, your own copy of Letters from the Emily Dickinson Room, you can buy it from your favorite indie bookseller, or Amazon, or if you want a signed copy, I've just started taking orders here with PayPal.

And I'm happy to inscribe these books to you, as a gift for someone or to your favorite pet-- And these orders will come with a matching bookmark, a couple postcards and a big thank you from me.

So, that's where we are, halfway to almost.  Close to nearly done.  On the steps of somewhat printed, of I-can-see-the-book-in-my-dreams, I-can-feel-it-under-my-pillow, I-can-touch-it-on-my-nightstand...almost.

Mrs. Robinson, if you don't mind my saying so, this conversation is getting a little strange. . .




  1. Synchronicity:

    As I opened your blog, "Mrs. Robinson" was playing on my Smartboard laptop---my media player is always going before class starts and is always on random.

    It's still playing as I type this.

    Please keep me informed as to how I can buy a signed copy of your book.

  2. Very exciting! I just pre-ordered my copy. Looking forward to it.

    It took me a second to place the pantry/cupcakes reference when I started reading -- but then it clicked. Haven't seen "The Graduate" in years, but the lines come right back (and of course the song does too).

  3. helps to read comments because I didn't know the pantry/cupcakes reference but I'll go back to rocking out to some Bon Jovi in my mind....

    oh oh CONGRATS!

  4. Any day now, any way now, you shall be released

  5. Look around you: all you see are sympathetic eyes. :)

  6. Justin-- LOVE that synchronicity! that's a little wild!

    Thanks for your order, Matthew!

    Jessie, thanks! enjoy that bon jovi rock out!

    Susan-- Yes! I now have that song, "Please release me, let me go..." in my mind. ;-)

    Lyle- exactly!


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