Friday, September 03, 2010

Crab Creek Review Poetry Contest Winners!

I believe I forgot to post this over the summer, but here's the list of winners and finalists for our Crab Creek Review poetry contest judged by the wonderful poet, Nancy Pagh (No Sweeter Fat).

And what I think is fab about our contest is that we are publishing all the winners, honorable mentions, & finalists in Crab Creek Review 2011: Issue 1!

Crab Creek Review Announces 2010 Poetry Contest Winners
We received a huge number of poetry contest submissions this year and we were impressed with the quality of the work. Our contest judge, Nancy Pagh, chose the following poems:

First Place: 
Finding Randy in Window Creek by Cameron Aveson

Honorable Mentions: 
The Perfect Sentence by Cameron Aveson 
I Would Have Had Some Other Version of You, That's All by Valarie Jonas
Ontology by Claire McQuerry
Chicken Day by Hannah Oberman-Breindel
Banishment at Noon by Tina Schumann

Bonnard Remembers Marthe by Mary Jo Balistreri
Aesop’s Table by Deborah Doolittle
The Produce and Me by Matthew Guenette
Bootlaces Stay Tight by Sky Joiner
Cemetery of Glass by Greg Nicholl
Hush by Susan Sample
Watching Gull by Linda Strever
The Fitting by Jeanne Wagner
Don’t Bring Yourself Just Gifts by Jody Zorgdrager
Why So Many Poets Commit Suicide by Jody Zorgdrager

Congratulations to the winners and finalists! And special thanks to our contest judge, Nancy Pagh, and to our poetry editor, Lana Hechtman Ayers. The poems of both the winners and finalists will be published in Crab Creek Review, 2011 Vol.I. 



  1. Hi Kel--The Honorable Mentions will also be published, yes? Those were the ones I especially admired from the whole batch of finalists. Every single poem from the group was a worthwhile read--I was delighted to see them all! --NP

  2. Congrats to them! Something to look forward to reading in upcoming issues :)

  3. Nancy -- Yes every poem will be published on that list!

    Thanks for being our judge. You were (are!) wonderful!


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