Friday, October 16, 2009

If You Hate Ziplock baggies an ALTERNATIVE! (warning, absolutely nothing to do with poetry)

Okay, this might seem odd to post after my big news yesterday, but I so love these handmade, 100% cotton velcro REUSABLE bags I got on eBay I had to share them.

I've been hating putting ziplock bags in my daughter's lunch because they just end up in the landfills, but I needed something to hold her crackers, sandwich, etc. I was tired of the reusable cheapy plastic containers and lately have just wanted to move away from plastic.

I found these on eBay and they are wonderful! What makes them so great is they are made by a mom and she also didn't want to use a plastic on the inside so she found a thicker cotton so they have no BPAs or plastic worries as they are 100% cotton.

If they get dirty, I just handwash them when I do my dishes and they dry overnight. But with crackers and dry snacks they are fantastic. Anyway, I know there are a lot of parents that read this blog, and I thought now that the school year's started, you too might be looking for something that's not plastic baggie.

Here's the link to them on eBay. They are $15 for 3 nice sized bags plus $5 shipping (she's in Canada).

Anyway, I've been doing my best to try to support individuals (artists, writers, moms, dads, freelancers, entrepreneurs, small presses, etc) with my business instead of big corporations especially during these harder economic times, so I thought I'd share this.

As the holidays come closer, I'm sure there will be more of my "favorite things" showing up this blog and many poetry related one too.

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  1. that's fantastic! I've been using aluminum foil when i pack my husband's lunches but this is a great idea!


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