Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy happy, joy joy

In case you were worried about me after yesterday's confession... I'm fine.

I think in going over the numbers it was a little emotional because I kind of forgot how much work went into this manuscript and how long ago I began it.

But it didn't bring me to tears, so that's a good thing and I don't regret how I came to this place. (Though, I've never been big on regret, so this isn't surprising to me.)

I guess seeing the journey written out felt a little tiring, but also, important. Important to know and maybe appreciate a little.

But I know a lot of you were concerned how I was/am feeling. No worries, I may have had my drama queen crown on yesterday, but I've taken it off today.

I think there was a part of me that was surprised to see how many times and how many versions I'd submitted!

I remember the first time a very favorite poet of mine told me it took him 122 times to have his first book published. I remember thinking, "If I can get my book published under 122 submissions, I'm doing well!"

I think another thing to consider is that is seems many times the second book is harder than the first. My first book was picked up
quite quickly, too quickly, I think.

One positive with the longer route to publication is I like having 5 years between books.

Anyway, thank you all for notes, good wishes, and good thoughts. It was interesting for me to see the details and share them with you. And I love the notes that appreciated my "tenacity," I'm currently referring to myself as Tenacious K.

So two new favorite adjectives people have used to describe me lately- tenacious & quirky. I'll take it!

the quirky Tenacious K


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  1. I love it " Tenacious K". I need a kewl nickname ;)

    I think 5 years in between books is a pretty good number. I was worried about how soon to send my 2nd manuscript. I don't want to publish too many things too close together.

    So many decisions!


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