Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Confession Tuesday

Holy emotional rollercoaster, Batman, what a week, I'm head over heels and now it's Tuesday and time to confess!

Let's just begin! To the confessional--

I confess, I cannot keep my headshots up for much longer, so if you haven't seen them look quickly because I must delete them. They kind of freak me out and not in that good way, but in an oh-I-am-so-tired-of-looking-at-myself way. And what-a-goofball-I-am way.

Thank you all for your comments on them. It's very hard looking at your own photo and trying to make a choice about which would be best, so I really appreciate your thoughts.

* * *

I confess I am a little frazzled this morning because I had to talk to my cellphone service (Can You Hear Me Now?) people and while the customer service people are wonderful, my cellphone company seems to want to make me lose my mind. Long story short, it was cheaper for me to cancel my contract and move to another cellphone company & get an even better phone (that has an lowercase i in the title) with better rates and features than to buy a new phone from them. I am still amazed by this.

* * *

I confess I still have the basket of laundry in my bedroom unfolded from a wash I did over 4 weeks ago and am basically just pulling from it like it is a giant plastic clothes holding bin. I just push past my husband's gym clothes until I find a cute t-shirt.

I also confess I make laundry into a much bigger deal than it should be.

Confession Outing (a new segment where I confess about what someone else did!)-- I once worked with this guy in college at Eddie Bauer and when his clothes were dirty he would just throw them away and buy more with his store discount. This is such 20-something guy with no other responsibilities behavior. I remember at the time thinking that wasn't such a bad idea.

And speaking of Eddie Bauer, when I worked there I was always amused with how they would never call a shirt blue, green, red, etc, it always had to be some fancy color like seafoam or plum or mocha, but never *really* told you what color shirt you were buying.

My favorite though was when they called a green shirt "Spearmint" in their catalog, but then sent them to the store covered in label stickers with the word "spearmint" shortened to "sperm" (um, really, no one caught this?). Gee, how appealing to the customers to purchase a "sperm-colored" shirt. (To quote an SNL skit, "Who was the ad genius who came up with that one?")

* * *

I confess I'm amused how I started confessing about laundry then ended up telling you about my college job and the "sperm shirt."

I confess, I'm also really nervous what kind of google hits I'm going to get for typing that! (That may have to be deleted at a later time...)

* * *

I confess I'm still ridiculously excited about White Pine Press and I confess it still doesn't feel real. But I am now finally sleeping again.

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