Thursday, October 01, 2009

Book Harvest Blog of Book Reviews

As many of you know, I've been reading a lot and many of these reviews or thoughts on this books end up on this blog and still will, but I've started a new blog just to focus on my favorite books. It's called Book Harvest and you can go there through this link.

While reviews of books that I'm reading will still end up here, my very favorite books will also appear on Book Harvest. Also, I may have some other things over there or perhaps, a more thorough review, but you will still get my What I'm Reading at Book of Kells.

I decided to create this blog because more and more people have been asking me to review their books and I think it's important for good books to be highlighted and I didn't want them getting lost here between confessions and my writing life.

Because they are the books that I find incredible to read, you will probably see mostly memoir, creative non-fiction, non-fiction, and poetry on my Book Harvest blog. If you see a fiction book, then know that it's a fantastic book because I am most critical when it comes to fiction.

Also, not all books that I get to review will end up there, only my favorites, or as I said, "The Best of the Crop." I will post all books I read here, but only my favorites will end up there. Sometimes these books will come from the books I receive to reviews, sometimes they will be the books I find on my own. But they will only be my overall favorites, so please don't feel bad if you send me a book to review and it doesn't end up there. Know that as a writer, editor, and poet, I am a ridiculously picky reader and only have so much time, so I won't be able to include all books on Book Harvest. Also, because I've separated this blog out, I only want to put my favorite books there so you and others can trust these are good books to buy or check out from the library.

But I'm happy to mention your book on Book of Kells, so if you want to send me a copy to mention, email me at kelli (a) and I'll send you my mailing address.

So there's the scoop on my new back to my own writing already in progress.

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  1. Great. I always appreciate a book recommendation.


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