Monday, August 11, 2008

Postcard from a Writing Shed

Finally, some photos!

This is my new writing shed, currently in process. This week electricity shall arrive and next week insulation and walls shall appear inside.

I have written a poem in it already (though I use that word "poem" loosely).

A good friend from Seattle came to visit me and I brought in a book of poems by our mentor Paula Jones Gardiner; the book was Believed to Cause Night. I hadn't realized that this was a "first" for my writing shed, but it was. Since Paula recently passed away in May, I was glad that that this was the book I had chosen to bring in first and read from. It brought a good energy to the space.

And I probably need to start calling it my writing studio or writing space, but for now, it's "the barn" or "the shed" and I kind of like it that way as it puts less pressure for *important* work, but just work.

Though a friend recently nicknamed it "Poetry Barn" (instead of Pottery Barn) and I thought that was pretty funny.

But no matter what the name, I have a place outside my domestic life, near the fish pond, a short commute from the living room.

(BTW, if anyone has any suggestions for what I can call the place, I'd be interested in hearing them.)

Here are the photos of the work-in-progress writing shed--

Doors open and odd stepping stones

My new old handpainted secretary's desk I found at an antique's pavilion in Seattle

From the side 2 windows and a skylight

The Loft

An old stained glass window I found and will install

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