Monday, August 04, 2008

Postcard from a SPAM Email

My most poetic SPAM as of late:

Save Your Love--

A dinner at kencroft, by way of farewell ere allen's the
little king said to geraint, now will we go are two: i.
postmen, carriers and marketfolk, as contained in schoolcraft's
report. Mr. S. Regards booming, thank you. The soup plates
going well? Done. Dora approved wholeheartedly. In her confused
do not then consider that they were having an he looked
important.' 'did you look at marina but as pepton was always
very nervous when he two carrie louise thinner and frailer
and yet had agreed with alacrity. Can't look after her seemed
to surprise her. Sit down a moment longer, of yellow satin
with a broad gold band upon the has got something on his
iris shivered, and lucilla smoothly. ' now, my girl, was
it you who admitted.

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