Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Postcard from September-- Book of Kells: Opening Soon

I'm finishing up my last postcards of summer with a note to let you know, I'll be back to blogging more regularly starting September 3rd.

It's been a great summer here in the wet and dry Northwest where weather had become some sort of random excitement--it's 90 degrees! it's pouring! where's the sun?! where's the shade?!--and all of our vegetables are taking their own sweet time. Even the blackberries arrived late this year, as did the tree frogs.

But my writing life begins again in September where I will be writing to you from The Poetry Barn.

I'll have more talk on poetry and the writing life as well as I'll be back to Confession Tuesday--I confess yesterday I climbed on my neighbor's roof to retrieve a styroform plane and she believes truly deep in her heart that only men should stand on rooftops and because she was 85+ years old, I just smiled and bit my lip. (There was also a long lecture involved which began "You could have fallen off the roof " and then went into various horrific scenerios including heart attacks, broken bones, death, fun stuff like that...)

Let's just say while I've done my best to stay out of trouble this summer, it doesn't always work out for me.

So anyone who still may be reading this postcard filled blog, I plan to return soon...I will see you in September...after the boys of summer have gone.

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