Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Confession Tuesday

Dear Reader, Forgive me for saying "Ah, it's Tuesday," for thinking I have nothing to confess. The weeks are moving faster. Summer is 70 degrees and sunny in between the clouds. I have broken our glass patio table in celebration of upcoming solstice. I have chased after our sun umbrella in wind.

Off to today's confession

I have never explored the southern part of the US. I've been to Texas and Florida, but I'd love to see Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. I regret not visiting New Orleans before the hurricane.


How many times have I directed you to a story on Military News? Never? Well, here you go. I thought this was an inspiring story about an artist who paints portraits of the soldiers who have died in the war and sends them to their families, all with her own money and time.

Beware if you're at work, it's a video and it starts immediately, so turn the sound down.


If you were to ask me what I wanted to do with my life, I still do not have a perfect answer.


Sometimes my fears slide back into my life and I have to ask them to please leave. I'm the polite hostess to the drunk party crashers who have already knocked over the punchbowl.


I believe the more we know about each other, the harder it is to have wars.

Imagine how the country would have reacted if President Bush would have said, "We're going to bomb the polar bears because they pose a threat to humans." We would have freaked out. Somehow it seems okay to bomb humans and to take human lives in the name of war, and sadly in the name of peace. I don't get that.


War has been on my mind this Memorial Day weekend and having two dads who fought in WWII and my father-in-law as well, I hope the next president will be more of a dove and less of hawk. And I'm tired of blaming. I just want things fixed.


My husband took his mother to the cemetery as he does every Memorial Day, while I remembered my friend at Plum Cottage. I don't have any confession about this, it just seemed important to say.


Thanks for reading. I don't say that enough.


I'm off to a play about James and the Giant Peach. I look forward to seeing the peach on stage. Simple pleasures.


It's going to be a busy week for me. I have a couple suggested blog topics to write about, if you have anything you'd like me to finish up the year with, email me or leave me a comment.


January said...

It's hard not to think about war when we're mired in one. I hope we do get a new president who can fix things--or at least try.

And I was taken with your post on being a career poet. I'm going to write about the topic later tonight.

Martha Silano said...

Long live confession Tuesday! Short live our current Prez or anyone close to the likes of him.

Goodnight, Mom said...

I'm the polite hostess to the drunk party crashers who have already knocked over the punchbowl.

I LOVE that! Sadly, I'm usually one of the drunk party crashers!

Debbie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Kelli! I'm an admirer of your poetry. Yours is one of the poet names I'll see in a journal and think, I want to be as prolific as she is one day.

Premium T. said...

New Orleans is still an amazing place, and not to be overlooked because of the hurrricane/flooding.
There is also a thriving poetry community there.

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