Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Space Heater Chronicles

I always hurt what I love--

It seems by announcing to the world that my best friend was a space heater, I seemed to have killed it. Tonight, for no reason, space heater shut off and took its warm breath with it.

I don't understand, space heater still has working red light, but no heat. It clicks, but doesn't hiss. It has been kicked around by my dog one too many times. RIP Space Heater. Maybe tomorrow you will pull an Easter miracle and come back. Maybe space heater is just warm. Come back SH.

* * *
How to Make Friends and Influence People

I am not wearing a big hippie wool sweater with yarn flowers on it and Navaho print on the sleeves. I bought it at Bumbershoot (the Seattle arts festival) 1998. I already miss space heater. I'm sure the rest of my family will to when they see what I've dragged from the closet.

* * *

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