Monday, March 24, 2008

Simplicity & a New Book - Slow is Beautiful

I recently recommended Cecile Andrew's book The Circle of Simplicity and it turns out she has another book called SLOW IS BEAUTIFUL.

Here's a quick description I cut and pasted if you're interested in what this book is about:

Slow is Beautiful
New Visions of Community, Leisure, and Joie de Vivre
By Cecile Andrews

We're hammered, we're slammed, we're out of control. Happiness is on the decline in the most affluent country in the world and Americans are troubled by the destructiveness of a lifestyle devoted to money and status. Yet no-one seems to have a clue how to exit from the Fast Lane...

Slow Is Beautiful analyzes the subtle consumer, political and corporate forces stamping the joy from our existence and provides a vision of a more fulfilling life through the rediscovery of caring community, unhurried leisure, and life affirming joie de vivre.

* * * *

But the reason I bring this up is that Cecile also has a blog that discusses slowing down and a more simple life you may want to check out.

What I like about Cecile and her thoughts is that she is not preachy (meaning = if you don't do this than this), she's not judgmental (she realizes there are a zillion perfectly good ways to live a life and doesn't question others for their choices, but shows other ways one may want to try to live), and she wants everyone to find the way that's best for them (there's no one size fits all).

She says in her Circle of Simplicity book something like "this is not the self-deprivation movement," which sometimes is what people think when they hear, "I'm going to live more simply." They hear, "I'm going to drag to the laundry to the creek and stop heating my house." But I've found, the more simply I live and the more choices I make for a "simplier" life (in my terms), the more fulfilled I am. I think it actually becomes the opposite of "self-deprivation" and you begin to nourish and partake in what's important to you.

I'm going to read Slow is Beautiful and I'll let you know what I discover. And I shall remind my husband that "slow is beautiful" when once again I'm the last person in the car when we're off on a family outing. Oh wait, it's "slow" is beautiful, not "tardy" is beautiful.

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