Friday, March 07, 2008

Short Takes on My Day

Black feathered birds--

When the mail lady arrives I hear the crows asking, "Did it come? Did it come? Did it come?" Not today, as I shut my mailbox and the scatter from the powerlines.


Today on a walk listening to another Poetry Foundation podcast, I heard an eagle screech between the lines of a Terrance Hayes poem.


Breakfast at the elementary school--

Cinnamon Toast Sticks, cereal, chocolate milk in plastic bags.



There is no doubt about it, if my cat were bigger, she'd eat me.


Things I did Last Night--
Freaked out over an itchy tag and cut a hole in my cashmere sweater. Brilliant.


My best friend is a space heater.

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  1. I love the Poetry Foundation's podcast. And cutting a hole in a sweater is right up my alley.


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