Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Confession Tuesday

Dear reader, it’s been one week and five hollow chocolate bunnies since my last confession. I must confess that the chocolate after Lent never tastes as good as the chocolate I had imagined in my mind. I must confess when I can *have* chocolate, I don’t *crave* chocolate. Have and Crave, maybe that should be my theme today or maybe not.

To the confessions –

1) I confess I always read all your comments on my blog, but I don’t always respond to them. Please know, I love to read your comments and I am thankful for them and hear you, even if I don’t say so directly. (Also, if you want to get to me directly, use my email as I don’t blog daily and only check my Facebook acct weekly if that.) I confess I prefer snailmail best, but a good email always warms my electric heart.

2) I confess I love the nightlife (and not as in the 70’s song “I’ve got to boogie.”) I love the quietness of the evening, a sleeping house, the energy of world slowing down and drifting off to sleep. A friend recently told me that she thought I wrote better at night because I’m sensitive to others’ energies and the evening is a time when I can tune into my creative self more clearly. She said it better than that, but I loved the idea that at night when the world quieted, there was a *source* we could tune into.

It reminded me of how when I was child I would take out my transistor radio when everyone was asleep and tune it to far-away stations I couldn’t get in the day.

Sometimes at night, I still plug in my 50’s tube radio just to pretend I’m somewhere else in time.

3) I confess I crave a peaceful world. I crave a world where we accept each other and focus more on what we have in common than our differences. Lately I’ve been surprised how many people prefer to be the bone in the salmon rather than part of the meal. (I guess you know what I’m having for dinner tonight.) I hope one day we make choices from compassion before anything else.

1) I confess I am thankful for the kindness and compassion of friends.

2) I confess I am thankful for the people in life who live a little more eccentricly than others—the three families in our town that have peace signs at the top of their driveways, the woman with the funky short haircut who is smiling in a sea of flowing locks, the people who choose to live their life differently, who may not always trust their own instinct or choices, but follow them anyway.

I am thankful for the people who paint murals on their homes or paint their mailboxes (I still have not painted my mailbox, I want to be that person.) I am thankful for the people who do things a little differently, who have a caboose in their backyard because they always wanted a caboose. Or a totem pole. I am thankful because their differences add a little beauty to my normal day.

3) I confess I still get excited when I see the eagle fly by my home. Or see the kingfisher on the powerlines by the mudflats or the blue heron at the edge of the shore. I still love to watch the killdeer in my neighborhood guarding their nests and observing the world from my neighbor’s roof.

I had never realized the larger effect of the small winged things on my life until I moved to a rural area. I confess I had never seen a heron until ten years ago and I didn’t even realize orcas and grey whales traveled through Puget Sound. I didn’t realize how much Batman and cormorants had in common. I confess I still have so much to learn.


  1. have #2: i saw a TV show about a woman who had a pirate ship docked at her house. because she always wanted a pirate ship.

    crave #2: thank you for sharing your friend's insight with us, about how you do better at night b/c you're sensitive to other energies and can be distracted by them. i'm wondering if that's my case, as well. i'm very sensitive to other people's energies and i also work best in the middle of the night. if nothing else, it's something i can offer up as an excuse for/defense of my nocturnal tendencies.

  2. It's been a while since I read your blog and today, I really needed to hear what you had to say. Thank you.

  3. I love that there are people in this world who don't march lock-step with everyone else. Makes the world that much more interesting.


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