Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Things My Sock Puppet Says...

I've had a bad cold, so I blame my last post on the vapors. I'm so Victorian era these days. Just ask my sock puppet.


Best Online ZenHabit--

Here's a great article on 72 Things to Do to Simplify Your Life

Of course, if they were really in touch with simplification the article would be only 7 Things to Do to Simplify your life. I know I felt a little overwhelmed by the time I reached 26 (Create a simple mail & paperwork system). So ultimately to simplify my life, I had to stop reading the article for awhile. It's still a good article.


Dream Journal--

Last night I met a librarian named "Anne Sexton" and when I said, "That's the same name as a famous poet" she said dryly, "I've never heard of her." I'm pretty sure I was talking to Anne Sexton.

Here's my favorite quote I heard this week--

"If you're not happy with what you have, you probably won't be happy with what you want."

It just slightly beats my favorite quote from Caddyshack,
"You'll have nothing and like it."

or my favorite quote from my MFA program--
"There's no crying in grad school." Wait. I may have got that wrong...


Mini Gratitude Journal--
1) 14 years: 10-3
2) all of us
3) boots


Dear Tongue,
Please speak clearly this week.


  1. It is good that your Victorian speaker was wearing a sock, as we would not want to see any ankle.

    Can you please tell Anne Sexton to drop by my dreams? I'd like to ask her a few questions. :)

  2. Hi Molly--

    yes, no ankles, no wrists.

    And I'll send Anne your way. ;-)



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