Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday Thoughts...

In The House of Unfinished Projects--

This morning it was me against the hedge. I can't say the hedge won, but I didn't win either. Rematch on Tuesday with better tools. Note to nature lovers-- You may love nature, but if you want to privacy between you and your neighbors, build a fence. A fence doesn't try to eat your house.


My Favorite People Get GAP Grants--

I just received my ArtSource magazine and was browsing through I saw photos of several friends who received GAP grants this year.

Washington State has the coolest organization -- ARTIST TRUST. They support all artists--writers, visual, media, performance, etc. Every year they give out Artist Trust GAP grants and this year, four writers I know all received one: Jeannine Hall Gailey, Ronda Broatch, Martha Silano, and Susan Rich. You can see their photos as well a brief description on what they are working on here.

Other impressive writer friends who have received GAP grants are: Annette Spaulding-Convy (also a Floating Bridge Chapbook winner) and Jenifer Lawrence whose first book just came out from Blue Begonia Press. As well as Jeannette Allée, Molly Tenenbaum, Erin Malone, Ted McMahon, Melanie Noel, Derek Sheffield, & Frances McCue. Artist Trust does a great job of supporting such important work.


Shopping List--



Decaf Coffee

Whipped Cream


Touch of Autumn--

Last night we made caramel apples and I made another pan of Apple Brown Betty (I think I'm addicted). I've also been into the York Peppermint patties in the shape of bats. The inside of our house is decorated for Halloween with the old paper decorations that were around when I was little (witch face, cat with movable legs, skeleton also movable, scarecrow, pumpkin) as well as these cool paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

We have a creepy spider that walks and sings "Itsy Bitsy Spider" in a scary witchy voice. It's even creepier because its batteries are dying. It's also has a motion censor so every time we sit down at the table, it starts singing and walking. If you look closely you will see that its slightly burned from last year when my firefighter husband thought it would be extra spooky hanging from the light. I just remember my daughter saying, "Do you smell something burning?" and finding creepy spider melting onto the hot lightbulb. (I also have a melted mask from this same kind of tomfoolery...)

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  1. I battled the hedge today. I'm not sure who won, except there's a big gaping hole where it was supposed to look, well, rounded. Like a bad haircut, it'll grow back. It felt good to be outside doing some physical labor.


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