Friday, October 12, 2007

People Doing Good Things--

YEAH AL! Now can you be our president?

Al Gore & UN Panel wins Nobel Peace Prize

Former Vice President Al Gore and the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for their work to raise awareness about global warming

Read about it here.

Oh there is a part of me that knows he wouldn't be receiving this honor right now if he were president. He would have been too busy with America's problems and not the world's, but there is a selfish part of me that wishes these last seven years weren't the Dingbat and Ratty show.

I still hope Al Gore will run for the 2008. So do many people here.

Anyway, good news in the world today. At least one superhero was recognized for his important work without trying to steal his cape and for once no one turned the camera to the WonderTwins coming out of rehab.

* * * *

Diet, Curse, Hate (the Unhappy Suburban Mom version)--

I've started reading EAT, PRAY, LOVE. I'm probably the last woman in America reading this book. I think my copy has been in the hands of many others.

Right now, I'm enjoying it though I still want to know why their marriage broke up and she said in the book something like "it's too personal to write about here..." Did I miss something? Isn't this why I'm reading this book, for the personal? I can get the watered-down version of people's lives in my own town.

Still, I like it.

* * * * *

Li-Young Lee Groupies Unite--

I'm glad others enjoyed the Li-Young Lee interview. He's also a favorite of mine. And it looks as if his new book will be out in a few months... It's called BEHIND MY EYES and comes with an audio CD! Now how cool is that. This will knock him into rockstar status, well, rockstar for poets, which means none of our friends will know who he is, but plan on arriving early for any reading he does.

I'm surprised other poets haven't done the book/CD thing. I have Billy Collin's Best Cigarette and also a reading a friend gave me where Bill Murray introduces him. I had the Language of Life on cassette and I loved listening to that. Local poet Elizabeth Austen has a lovely CD of her poems.

Maybe this is what we should all move to, book and CD. Or maybe just save these for our poetry superstars.


  1. Yea Al Gore! I wish he would run, too. But I think he would split the democratic vote and would have to raise a heck of a lot of money very quickly. Still, he did win an Academy Award this year--how cool is that?

    And I think more poets should do audio cds or podcasts. I love to read the words but adding a voice brings a poem to life. Looking forward to Li-Young's new book.

  2. HI J--

    I know, Al is a rockstar! In the end, I'll be happy if there's a Democrat in the White House. that would make me a happy gal.

    I agree with you about cds/podcasts. And now with technology, it seems rather easy to produce on our own if we were to choose that.

    thanks for the note!


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