Tuesday, October 02, 2007

How Can I Say This?

Hi, my name is Illek and I talk through a sock puppet. Or this is how I'm feeling these days. Not here. In the virtual world, my words are chosen, edited, and revised. In the real world, I say one thing and a person hears another. Open mouth, insert sock puppet.

It's been an interesting week, drama has buzzed around me. Miscommunication. I said, "I'm sorry I must be leaving," but instead the card arrived "Join us." It seems what I say isn't heard or is it misheard? I'm interrupted or misinterpreted. Constructed or misconstrued? Miss Led. Miss Spoken. It makes me wonder from what drawer I'm chosing my words. The drawer of mismatched socks. The drawer of blunders.
I've always been fascinated with communication/miscommunication. Ever since a professor said to me, "One cannot re-communicate something," I've been interested in the words we put into the world how we can't pull them back, we can never fully be rid of their shadows.
So this week, I'm majoring in miscommunication, which fits as my current manuscript is about how we communicate. Apparently, I still have a lot to learn. Apparently, I speak openly when I should be talking about the weather. Apparently, there is a reason I write. . .and revise.


  1. I've always thought it was unfair that we can't revise verbal communication.


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