Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Gong Show

The Explorer Writes in Her Journal--

Well, yesterday was Columbus Day and I celebrated by trying to mail a letter and going to a closed library. A perfect way to commemorate a faux-holiday. My daughter has known the phrase "Euro-centric" in regards to Columbus Day since she was three. I think Chris Rock said it best regarding Columbus-- "The land he discovered had occupants on it. That's like discovering someone's back yard."

So yesterday stumbled upon a new shop in my town I've never seen and claimed it for my family. I also took ownership of a latte stand, an acre of blackberry bushes, and renamed Puget Sound, Puget Kelli. I feel good about what I accomplished in the new world and look forward to other discoveries I will make in my lifetime.


Not Poetry, but Dessert

We made Halloween funfetti cupcakes yesterday. Revised: My husband and daughter made funfetti cupcakes, I helped decorate them.


Poem With Attitude

I'm working on a poem right now that is trying to torture a confession out of me. I put the poem on a pedestal and it falls off. I hold the poem up to the light and I can see through it. The poem laughs off my revisions. I tell the poem to stop talking so loudly so I can work and it whistles the theme song to Mission Impossible. I tell the poem I can hear its sarcasm. The poem tells me to stop, relax, and come back later. I tell the poem no better time than the present. I tell the poem, now now now. The poem puts a bag over itself. The poem becomes the Unknown Comic. I tell the poem that I mean it no harm, but it can't hear me as I snap it with my pen. The poem reaches for the gong and I leave the stage.

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  1. I was wondering why the internet was so dead yesterday. (I also thought it was weird that I didn't receive any mail yesterday).


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