Thursday, May 10, 2007

Check In

Nothing but Net...well not quite--
So, the submission day was not a swoosh, but an off the backboard shot.  2 points.  In the entire day, I only submitted to two places.  It seems I would much rather write poetry than submit it.   I found myself revising a lot and finding poems I hadn't worked on in awhile.  Perhaps my secret to writing is to tell myself I'm going to spend the day submitting as I mostly wrote.
Summer is breaking through that decomposing ozone--
With the nice weather, I'm realizing my blog will be the billboard you drive by for a show that played last week.  I've been out a lot more and as the summer months come in, I realize I'll be checking in here much less frequently.  If you see the sign "Closed for the Summer," you'll know I'm in my own little world that doesn't include poetry, but mostly sun, air, and the thought of September when the writing begins again.


  1. Hi Kelli - I'm seriously considering setting up a blog - sort of following in the footsteps of you and Rachel. I'll probably do it when I have a big block of time - since the directions don't seem so simple.

    I'm sort of glad the April daily write at the Gazebo is over - I felt the air rushing out towards the end.

    Talk to you later.

    Joyce Nower

  2. I love it when you get sucked into loving and writing and rewriting your poems. It takes what it takes. I say, submit to seven more places tomorrow (and maybe you will have another joyous day of writing!)


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