Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Gratitude Journal

I haven't done a gratitude journal for a while now, though in my own life, I'm saying thanks daily.

Here are some things I'm feeling thankful about--

1) Our new coffee pot (it has a timer! who knew?!)
2) The evergreen clematis blooming on the way to my front door.
3) The mixed up tulip bulbs-- 3 red, one yellow
4) Our cherry tree in full bloom
5) The Man Who Wouldn't Plant Willow Trees

Willows are messy trees. Hair in their eyes,
they weep like women after too much wine
and not enough love. They litter a lawn with leaves
Like the butts of regrets smoked down to the filter.

They are always out of kilter. Thirsty as drunks,
They'll sink into a sewer with their roots.
They have no pride. There's never enough sorrow.
A breeze threatens and they shake with sobs.

Willows are slobs, and must be cleaned up after.
They'll bust up pipes just looking for a drink.
Their fingers tremble, but make wicked switches.
They claim they are sorry, but they whisper it.

by A.E. Stallings

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