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Online Editorial Service for Poets and Writers:

Two Sylvias Press offers a variety of writing and editing services for poets, writers, authors, and essayists including:

  • one-on-one manuscript consultations (poetry, memoir, fiction)
  • poetry chapbook consultations 
  • individual poem critique
  • personal essay critique 
  • personalized creative writing exercises to generate new work 
  • poetry/creative coaching
  • help with submitting work 
  • book marketing

Kelli works with both established and beginning writers offering a sliding-scale fee for all.  


Her hourly rate is $65-$85 an hr. (sliding scale fee)

Her rate per poem/page is $19-$25

Costs for a chapbook-length work (18 - 24 pages) range from $450 - $600
while a full collections of poems (48 - 60 pages) ranges from to $950 - $1300.

Both consultations include a line-by-line edit, proofreading, and suggestions/ideas on how to make your manuscript stronger, as well as formatting and suggestions on where to submit your manuscript.

For more information or questions, please email Kelli at kelli (at)


Being a writer in the world, I sometimes base my entire life on hope, faith, and the generosity of strangers.  My goal has always been to add more beauty to the world through what I create.  I believe in hard work, kindness, and extra whipped cream, whenever needed. . . I hope to make positive difference in the world and I want others to find enrichment through words as well as their own writing. 

                              ~ Kelli Russell Agodon 

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