Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Poetry Book Giveaway: Lana Ayers & Erin Malone #bigpoetrygiveaway

My good friend Lana doesn't have a blog, so this is a "sponsored" post by me for her to giveaway to books of poems--

(by the way, I own BOTH of these books, and they are fantastic!)

To learn more about Lana, you can go to her webpage here:

Here's Lana Hechtman Ayer's BIG POETRY GIVEAWAY:

I am giving away a copy of A New Red, a novel in verse about a contemporary, all grown-up Red Riding Hood. I’ve always been alternately fascinated and angered by this fairy tale which censors the feminine. In my book, Red goes on a journey to regain her natural wild creative being.

I am also giving away a copy of Erin Malone’s What Sound Does it Make, an honest account of one woman’s experience of motherhood. Malone navigates us through a chiaroscuro landscape that is lyrical, unexpected, and poignant.

If you'd like to win EITHER of these books, please just leave a post in the comment section and you are entered!

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Kells
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