Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Confession Wednesday

Dear Reader,

I confess three-day-weekends confuse me and I spend the week being a day behind.  That is where I am today, acting as if it's a Tuesday when it's a Wednesday.  Halfway through the week, and I'm doing my own thing.

So since I'm late, let's get moving!

 To the confessional--

I confess I watched this documentary (two nights in a row) and it's truly one of my favorite documentaries ever:  I AM by Tom Shadyac  You can watch the preview for it here.

It's tweaked how I look at the world in a good way.  HIGHLY recommend it.


I confess last Friday I met with 4 friends, who I've met with since 2001 to make our yearly vision board.  They arrive around 4:30 pm and this year, were here until 1 am.  It's a long process of food, wine, then sitting around a table cutting out images from magazines that resonate with us or are things we'd like more of in our life in the next year.

I was in love with last year's poster, this year, I'm still not sure about it.  I'm learning what it says and means.

It's a lot busier than last year's version.  And while I before I began it, I wrote down goals and ideas for what I'd like achieve, do more of, or see in 2013, this poster still felt a little unorganized.

Here's the center image from it:

The red & green looks Christmasy, but it's the universe.

Sometimes at the end of the year, I understand more what it's about.

I hope to like it more as the year goes by.  I know there have been other years when I've felt a little disappointed with what I've created, but have learned to like it.  Plus, there are aspects of my poster I like, it's just like meeting someone new, I have to get to know her a little better.

I also think that for me, this year is about letting go, trusting, having fait and while trying to keep a good balance.  And it's about creating.  New things.  All sorts of things.  And new work.


I confess I have been so sleepy lately.  The less romantic way to say this is: fatigued.

Let's just say I am currently having a dysfunctional relationship with my electric blanket and pillow.  I am becoming co-dependent on them.


I confess I am all confessed out this week.

Cheers to early bedtimes.

~ Kells

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