Monday, December 31, 2012

It's Almost 2013, Do You Still Have a Blog?

There was a time when blogs were new and hip and happening.

Now to some, saying "I have a blog" is similar to riding around in your Cadillac while everyone is in driving SmartCars.  Except for one thing--while SmartCars are efficient, the Cadillac is comfortable and everyone can ride with you.

Or maybe unlike gas, words aren't a natural resource that we will run out of one day.

Maybe unlike Facebook or Twitter, where we create our lives based on "short content," blogs offer us the opportunity to expand our thought.

We are not limited to 140 characters or a status post where if you write too much, it covers up the final paragraphs with a link that says "more."

No, with blogs, every day is *more.*

But here's the question--

If you have a blog, does it offer you enough to keep it up?  And if yes, what does it offer you?

One reason I like blogs is that before Facebook, blogs were a way of seeing that the person was alive.  Sometimes I'd come to a writer's website and it felt as if there were cobwebs on it-- (c) 2003.  Is this website updated?  Is the person still writing?

A blog was a way to immediately hookup with a person and what was going on in their life.

When Facebook and Twitter came along, a lot of bloggers left to use their time there.

And there is a more immediate satisfaction to Facebook and Twitter.  You post something and people either LIKE it or respond.  Here on a blog, I can post something and wonder if anyone read it, did it make a difference to anyone?  Here, not everyone comments, nor should they feel as if they should.

Facebook became the mini blog.  Twitter, the minuscule blog.

I have both a Facebook account & a Twitter account.  Both are fine and dandy, but what I like about the blog is that I can delve a little deeper into things, I can share more (and I'm a huge sharer).  Plus, there can be a few extra bonuses...

Below are the main reasons I will keep my blog for another year--

1)  Connection -- I feel as if it's another way to connect with people about things that are important to us-- writing, poetry, creativity.

2)  Sharing info -- As a writer, you can feel cut off or out of the loop, I like that I can post things on this blog and they are there forever as resources to myself and others.

3)  Helping others -- One thing that I've always appreciated about this blog is that I can post things here to promote other poets, writers, and artists.  I can promote books and creative projects, websites and journals.  And it all can be found with Google, so if someone is looking for info on something 5 years from now, they can still find what they need.

4)  Free books & things -- I love that people send me books to read and possibly share here.  I also love being able to give away stuff.  I love getting mail, so I always appreciate the things that arrive in my PO box.

5) Your comments and emails-- Sometimes when I worry that no one is reading this, I'll get a note (or check my stats) and realize, there are quite a few of you out there who are listening and reading.  Thank you.  Your notes to me always make me thankful, and I'm thankful that you're thankful.

6)  Documentation -- I love having this public online diary to look back and see what was on my mind and what was happening at the time.

7)  I'm Old School -- I still have a rotary phone and a typewriter.  When it comes down to it, I'm into vintage, I'm into "what was."  So if blogs are old school and something "we used to do," well then, I'm a perfect fit.

So, yes, I guess I will continue blogging at least once a week (I know people still like Confession Tuesdays), so plan on hearing from me at least once a week.  I'll try to keep things interesting... so hopefully, you'll get something out of this experience as well.

Cheers to 2013!

~ Kells

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