Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Confession Tuesday - The Double Take Edition

Looks as if the country isn't so divided after all...

Dear Reader,

It's been two weeks and one election since I've last written.  Forgive me, I was lost in the anxiety of history.  I was so lost I missed a week.  And then arrived here today lately.

But I've returned with a happy heart, a clearing mind, and a to-do list I'm slowly checking off.

To the Confessional--


I confess I am truly happy the way the election turned out.  I realize that I have PTSD from the 2000 election because I woke up at 4 am and grabbed my phone to check the news, to make sure nothing had changed during the night, that Obama was still president.

I have gone to bed with one president and woke up with another.  Though that sounds a little too sexy for the nervousness it's created in me at election time.


I confess when I'm at my best, I'm observing the world with an open heart and not reacting to it.


I confess I sometimes think everyone thinks the way I do, then 48% of the United States shows up red.


I confess I'm kind of ready to drop this blue/red state thing as it feels more divisive than helpful.


I confess Washington State proved itself indigo with the voting of legalized marijuana.  We are the tie-dye state, bring your Birkenstocks and brownie mix, I guess.



I confess I am trying to do things that scare me.  Nothing like bungy jumping, but just things a stretch out of my comfort zone.

I find if I write these things down on a To Do list they get done much easier than if I don't write them down.  Without a To Do list, I'm a dog chasing her tail, except it's not as fun.


I confess I would be the worst contestant on Family Feud because my answers are never on the board.
For example, when asked--

What can you never have too much of?
My answer was "slippers."

#1 answer: Money.


I confess I like watching videos of baby animals a thousand time more than watching videos of babies.

I realized this today when someone told me to watch a 2 year old dancing to Elvis. She had loved it.  Said she laughed until she cried and thought about it all day.

I would much rather watch a panda sneezing, a dog trying to play fetch with a statue, or a cat pouncing on someone (or something).  Baby videos don't cut it for me.

Of course, I'm the person at the party making friends with the hostess's cat or dog.


I confess may of my friends on Facebook are using all of November to say what they are thankful for.  I'm looking forward to the end of the month when they've run out of stuff and are things like "I'm thankful Ho-Ho's and Ding Dongs."  

Honestly, I'm thankful for my family, friends, and electric blanket.  In that order.


I confess this fall is moving too quickly for me and the holidays feel as if they are pushing me into a ditch and rolling over me.

I want to put the brakes on a bit, but that isn't happening... though hopefully soon.  I keep hoping soon.


~ Kells

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  1. Kelli -
    Today's "confessions" make me chuckle. I've also been following the daily thank yous on Facebook, and secretly felt guilty waiting for them to get to the good stuff: "I'm thankful I didn't rip my neighbor's eyelashes off one-by-one when she gave me the stink-eye this morning . . . "

    Thankfully yours,

  2. I'd say that a lot of people around the world made a collective sigh of relief. Polls taken in various countries, suggested that the vast majority of people outside of America preferred Obama to the alternative.

  3. Although animal videos aren't usually my favorite, there's a video from some years back of a cat lip-synching to Bob Seger, that I can't get enougn of. I originally saw it on the Funniest Home Videos T.V. show. It's on YouTube, here, if you want to take a look.


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