Thursday, October 11, 2012

Best Tool For Writers EVER! *Self-Control* (for the Mac!) No really, it's software for MacUsers!

Okay, I have raved about Freedom (which is $9.99)  computer software that disconnects you from the internet for a certain amount of time, but now, here's an even better tool where you can disconnect just from a limited number of websites you tend to go to for procrastination (such as Facebook, Twitter, Huffington Post, name your poison!)

The great thing about this is that if you're researching something (as I was this week), I could turn off Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, HuffPost, and MSNBC, my six worst habits on the web, but still use Google to research my project.

It worked fantastically!

It's called Self Control (and it's free!)

It also has this cool spade with a skull in it for an icon, which makes me feel cool and hip.

Anyway, HIGHLY recommend this for writers who use a Mac!  So happy I found this.

(This is my Thankful Thursday post as I'm very thankful for not getting sucked into Facebook, etc.)

~ Kells

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