Thursday, September 13, 2012

Need a Book Recommendation? WA State Book Awards Winners & Finalists! @marthasilano @

Every year our state celebrates the best books of the year.  

The Washington State Book Awards are a prestigious award for authors in our state, being named a Finalist is almost as good as being named the winner.  The competition is tough and to be chosen for it is a huge accomplishment!

Congrats to the winner (Christine Deavel, who is the co-owner of Seattle's Poetry Only bookstore, Open Books) and to all the finalists.

if you've been looking for a new poetry book to buy, here's a great list to start out your autumn reading!


  • "Woodnote" by Christine Deavel, of Wallingford in Seattle (Bear Star Press)

Poetry Finalists:

You can read the full list of all genres here.



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