Thursday, February 09, 2012

Valentine's Day Gift Idea: Ted Kooser's book VALENTINES

"Map of the World" by Ted Kooser
If you're looking for gift ideas for your favorite loved one on Valentine's Day, I may have an idea for you...

For twenty-five years, Ted Kooser wrote a valentine poem and mailed it out in February. These collected poems are available in the book, Valentines by Ted Kooser.

Here's the Amazon description of the book--

I have the book, though mine is the letterpress version through Brooding Heron Press in Washington State and is called "Out of That Moment."  If you can find one of these copies, they are gorgeous, but only 50 were made so I truly treasure mine.

I love this idea of writing a poem every year for a certain occasion and mailing it out.  And Valentine's Day is the perfect poet holiday!

Also, if you've never read Kooser, he's extremely accessible, so if you wanted to get this gift for someone who didn't really read a lot of poems, it would be a great introduction to poetry without that scary "I don't understand what I'm reading" feeling some new poetry readers have.

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