Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Confession Tuesday: Valentine's Day Edition

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Dear Reader,

It's been one week and confetti hearts since my last confession.  And since today is Valentine's Day I thought I'd focus on love and relationship confessions today (oh, this could be one long post!)

So let's begin!
To the confessional--

I confess as someone who'd be an uninsured writer, the above image rings true to my heart.

If it wasn't for my husband, I'd be uninsured.  Or partially insured.  Or oddly insured.  Most likely, I won't be going to doctor and would be getting my seasonal allergy medication on the black market.

And I confess, if I wasn't married, I'm not sure I would want to get married except for the above reason of health insurance because I think I'm the type of person who would treat a person I lived with but wasn't married to-- better.  I think when it comes to a husband I see almost every day, I can easily take him for granted and that is a personality defect in me and one I try to improve.

I have even suggested to my husband that maybe we should get divorced and just live together because we'd have more fun and I'd be a better girlfriend than a wife.  (He thinks I'm a lunatic for suggestion this, btw.)


I confess all of the guys I have or had crushes on are what regular people call nerds. (This includes famous people like Conan O'Brien, Lyle Lovett & Elvis Costello...)


I confess I recently ended up in touch with my first boyfriend, which was weird.  He was kind, but I was slightly awkward as per usual.  I mailed him back his high school football jerseys and apologized for being a nutty girlfriend back in the day.  Though I wasn't really crazy, just heartsick, lovehappy, an insecure romantic in high school and I wasn't very good at managing my emotions.

I'm a lot better now, though there is a part of me that still loves the girl I was who not only wore her heart on her sleeve, but wore it in bright flashing neon while Madonna's "Crazy for You" played in the background.


I confess one Christmas Eve at seventeen I cried in my car over said first boyfriend while listening to George Michael's "Last Christmas" on the radio.   My best friend and I still enjoy reminiscing about this embarrassing scene whenever we hear the song.


I confess I always wanted to receive one of those super-cheesy LARGE pink ruffled heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolates for Valentine's Day.

Then I did and realized that they don't always contain the best chocolate.

This is a good lesson for not falling in love with super-cheesy men with pinky rings who wear ruffles and use product as like the chocolate-- there's usually nothing of quality inside.

Note: David Hasselhoff could be of substance, but he was the first pinky ring man with product hair I found.  (Also, no Hasselhoffs were hurt in the making of this post)


I confess once in my 20's I told my husband not to waste his money on flowers, but if he wanted to get me something, he could buy me tools or something useful.  In my thirties, I began appreciating fresh flowers again, though I've suggested he not waste money on a card.


I confess I left the romantic-me somewhere on a high school gymnasium floor under a silver-glitter moon and a crepe-paper sky.  I've grown into too-much of a serious Capricorn.  This is a downfall for me or a blessing for my husband who can never mess up Valentine's Day because I have no expectations whatsoever.


I confess I think you can be in love with many people at once, but you have to choose.

I also believe there's more than one soulmate for everyone. I think there are many people you can have that kind of connection, but the trick is choosing the best for you, then working at it.  Love is easy, but relationships require work.


I confess I love sending and receiving valentines so much that I have a miniature metal mailbox on my kitchen window where my husband leaves me notes & drawings on days he goes to work.

If I could have a valentine's box outside my door and my neighbors and friends could/would leave me valentines, I would.  To me, there was nothing I liked better than decorating a shoebox and having classmates drop valentines in it-- that was a magical day in elementary school.

Happy Valentine's Day
to all the lovesick and moonstruck!




  1. Your post brought back memories and some laughs. Oh, I love the shoebox and don't love the pinky ring.

  2. I'm a Valentine's Day Grinch of the highest order, and yet you managed to make me smile.

  3. LUV your blog! It's happy, sad, serious, playful.
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