Thursday, January 26, 2012

thankful Thursday: storybook mushrooms

On the ferry home from a literary day and thankful for writer friends as well as my life as a poet, editor, and writer. This is how writing makes my life feel-- a red umbrella sheltering me in a gray world.

Yesterday I felt sad. I felt as if I couldn't or didn't do anything right. I felt worried and anxious and all the emotional stuff that comes with being human and caring about other people and wanting to do a good job. I was a gray world. Today my writing life reminded me that there can still be beauty, art, friendship, inspiration, even when another part of your life feels bad. I needed to be reminded of this. I needed to remember I am more than just a mushroom, but a storybook mushroom. I have no idea what my purpose is, but I do my best to be me.


  1. And what a FINE you you are... ox

  2. Great to see you tonight -- even if it wasn't for long enough. You are no mushroom - you are more like a piece of good chocolate with peppermint nibs.

  3. So good to see you yesterday! You're definitely not a mushroom (but with all the darkness and rain in the NW, I can see how we could start to feel like one...) The sun is out - happy birthday month!


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