Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gratitude Thursday

Nana on her 99th!

I've kind of been waiting on this post to find out if I was going to be grateful for the time I had with someone or grateful in that I get more time in the future with them.

Let me explain-- yesterday, I received a phone call that my Nana had fallen and may have broken her hip.  This happened to her 2 years ago when she was 98.  Now, she is 99, one month away from her 100th birthday.

I knew what this meant, she would have to have surgery.

So I drove down to the hospital last night to see her.  She looked great and was in good spirits.  Yes, they said, she had broken her hip.

Today at 1 pm was her surgery, by 3:20 she was out and in recovery.  Amazing.  99 years old and 11 months and having surgery without complications, how can we live this kind of life?

All the nurses asked me, "I'm guessing your Nana never smoke or drank..." Well, I don't remember her drinking (but she is French) so I would guess she did in her younger years, and she smoked from age 20 until age 64 because, well, that's what people did.  She also drank a ton of Tab cola and her and my mum love Cool Whip!  They both do not even use the word organic.  She does eat a lot of apples.  And loves chocolate and nuts.

But one thing Nana has that other people don't is that laissez-faire attitude.  The world can be falling apart, but Nana, who has been alive since 1912 says, "Let it be, it will work out."  She likes solitaire and laughing.  She wears comfortable clothes and has never messed too much with her hair.

Nana told me she plans to live until 107, a year older than her mother.  I can see her living longer.  I would not be surprised if she ends up in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest life.

If she would just stop falling!  I told her last night she broke her hip and she said, "Oh, I'm just being clumsy again..."  and "So I'll live!"

When I left the hospital today she told me to "drive slow."

I have so much to learn from my Nana still as I plow through life with my hair on fire.

Laissez-faire, French that loosely translates to "let things alone."  Nana, I will try my best at this and I'm glad you're still with us.  I'll take as many days as I can get.

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