Monday, October 03, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Us (here we are after 18 years of marriage...)

My husband and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary.  18 years ago today, we were married.
How I wished we looked every day...
More realistic version of how we look every day.
I don't have any marriage advice except if you're getting married, make sure you marry someone who supports your art & your dreams, and if you can marry your best friend, even better.  

Summer 2011 - Go-Go's Concert
Marry someone who will attend a Go-Go's concert with you even if while you were listening to Madonna and Go-Go's, he was listening to Bruce Springsteen and The Rolling Stones.

Bret Michaels & Jimi Hendrix (aka me & my husband)
If you like costume parties and you marry someone who also does, you will have more fun.  (Also, someone who thinks it's cool if you choose to dress up like a man for Halloween.)

Prom (after 17 years of marriage)
Attend usual events and name yourself Prom King & Queen even if no one has voted yet.

Realize marriage is not an ongoing honeymoon.  There will be bills and stresses and bad habits and messy kitchens and you will not photograph as beautifully as Ashton and Demi do.  And that's okay.  

Happy 18th... 

To 18 more...


  1. Fun should be a required clause in every set of marriage vows.

    What great photos. And what a great couple you make!
    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Oh, what a wonderful celebration you give us all here. Thank you!

  3. Many congratulations! You love for one another is evident in your photos. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary!

    A poet friend of mine -- a woman -- many years ago went to a costume party as a man. Years later I saw a couple of pictures -- I really did see a man in the pictures before I realized it was her. (No doubt the beard helped.)

    And BTW, who says you don't photograph as beautifully as Ashton and Demi do? :)

  5. What a great looking couple! (I'm not sure about the dudes with the Cowboy hat and the fro - LOL) but you look like a couple having fun over the years! Can't ask for more then that in a relationship! Happy Anniversary and many more!

  6. Happy Anniversary! What a happy and beautiful couple!

  7. Happy Anniversary!

    Your advice is very wise.

    I wish you many more years.

  8. Happy Anniversary! What's evident from your writing (and the photos) is that yours is an expansive relationship that welcomes other into the complexities. As a single person, I find that energizing and admirable. Many more!

  9. What you have is beautiful!!! (and I think you two photograph better than Demi and Ashton!)
    I have a guy who goes to Disney on Ice with me every time it comes around, even though I know it does his head in. He took me to Mary Poppins on stage for our anniversary, and he buys me Cyndi Lauper CDs and plush toys I KNOW he doesn't want around the house. And he smiles when I smile, he cries when I cry, even when it is at a stupid drama he wasn't even watching. What I have is beautiful too, I only hope that fate and whatnot will let me hold onto it as long as you've held onto yours.

    Getting married next year and hoping that the storybook romance never has to end, (even though there are bills in every footnote and dishes in the margins, puppydog accidents on every page and always seems to be "not me!" "well its not MY turn!")


    PS. Congratulations on your anniversary. Sincerely. Love is the most awesome thing, and you make a hot Bret Michaels.

    No More "One Day"


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