Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Confession Tuesday - The It's Finally Summer in The NW Edition

Dear Reader,

It's been a week of rain then what? Sun! since I've last written.

While much of the countries complained about this too-hot, this heatwave world, we lived under a rainshower, under a cloud of mid-sixties.  Then like normal Seattle weather, breaking open a little later than its normal mid-July style, sun arrived!

Today, a forecast of 80.  First time this year.

But let me confess, I am not the sunworshipper I seem...

To the Confessional--

I confess I don't mind the rain or cold weather.  For me, it's an excuse to write, to read, to not have to work in the yard.   I don't feel as if I'm losing my mind in cloudy, wet weather, but in fact, feel more in touch with my writing.

I confess the sun does make me more active, from gardening, longboarding (stand-up paddle surfboarding - not skateboarding!), to mountain biking, hiking and yes, I'm even back to playing tennis.

I confess while that last confession may make it seem as if I'm an active, sporty poet, my inner self is a sloth, someone who loves a hammock and a book more than sweating.

I confess I do think summer calms me down a bit, that added vitamin D slipped into an anxious skin, but fall is still my favorite season, for the leaves, for finding a season I could always live in.


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