Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Confession Tuesday -

Dear Reader,

It's been 7 days since my last confession, with 11 days left in National Poetry Month and one poem in your pocket day...let's just begin.

To the confessional--

I confess I dislike "Poem in your Pocket" (PIYP) day, mostly because of the name.  Could they have thought of something a little less creepy?

I confess when I hear PIYP day, I become a little Mae West and think, "Is that a poem in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?"

I confess, I may keep a poem in my pocket, but I would probably not share it with a stranger.  A friend?  Yes.


I confess I was surprised that my last confession about ghosts didn't get even one comment on someone's own ghost story.  I confess now I wish I would have waited until October to confess this instead of during daffodil season.

I confess timing is everything.


I confess I'm currently working on manuscript 3.  I am really excited about this manuscript even though I'm not sure what I'm doing.  But I'm really excited while I'm doing it.

I confess this manuscript idea came to me while driving up the hill in a 25 mph zone (and a zone where I've received a ticket before!) and by the time I got home and to my desk to write it down 5 minutes later--it was gone.

I confess doing the blog post about how to put together a manuscript brought it back.

I confess I feel as if I've confessed all this before.  Am I repeating myself?


I confess I used to love it when the warehouse guy at my old company used to refer to our work as "The Department of Redundancy Department."

I confess I'm happy I don't have an "old company" anymore to work for, though freelancing is challenging.  Though freelancing is challenging, I have more time.

I confess every action is a choice.  I know this.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that feelings are choices too.


I confess this confession feels kind of Easter eggish, kind of every color on the rainbow and I've been rolling around in the orange dye a little too long, a little many ideas in my hardboiled mind.



  1. Kelli, for anyone who cares about "Da Rulez," you can confess things multiple times, as long as you are truly repentant AND make a firm resolution not to do it again...

    or pass the chocolate eggs over here, please.

  2. Glad about your new manuscript and love how it came to you! Love the eggs, too. I confess I have now put eggs on my Christmas, er, holiday tree...but after this, it's coming down!


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