Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Confession Tuesday

Dear Readers,

I confess I've been trying to post photos to my blog, but for some reason, they aren't posting.

I confess I'm currently in DC for AWP and I thought blogging from far would be easier than it is, especially posting photos (I must determine what is up).

I confess I didn't fly in early because "I'm smart" and wanted "miss the storms.". I made these reservations months and months ago and flew in early because I wasn't flying all the way across the country and not seeing the sights.

I confess the postal museum was my favorite.

I confess I went up inside the Washington monument and didn't think about something terrible happening (I confess I usually imagine some terrible event happening, but I was so into the history and the moment, I forgot to play the "what if" game.)

I confess there are no lines or crowds in DC because no one is here because of the weather.

I confess the weather here has been dry and cold,perfect for walking.

I confess if I can get my iPhone to post to my blog, I'll be posting about AWP in real time. Or check out my twitter acct-- kelliagodon I'll be posting there too just search #AWP or check out my Twitter feed.

I confess I'm sorry not to have posted yesterday but I was in over my head with rocks, bones, and dead things at the Natural History Museum. Can I tell you I never need to see that museum again, I could walk it in my sleep, and may have.

I confess I bought jellybellies and Hershey kisses in the Fossil Cafe. Can I tell you how incredibly happy I was to find a museum that sells Jelly Bellies. DC is incredible just for that.


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