Monday, February 21, 2011

Book of Style

Of course, this was before she saw the photo of me Eduardo and my sleepyhair look.
But nonetheless, I was chosen.
Here are the rules:
The Stylish Blogger Award Rules
- Make this a post & link back to the person who gave you the award
- Share seven things about yourself
- Award five great bloggers
- Contact the bloggers to tell them they've won!
Seven Things
So I have to share 7 things about me, hmm, what comes to mind--

1)  I love receiving mail & I so hate that holidays = 2 days of no mail.
2)  Because of my sweet tooth, I usually give up chocolate for Lent every year. (BTW, for the Catholics out there, Lent comes very late this year, so you have not missed it, nor Mardi Gras!)
3)  I love animals and birds, but can be a little oversensitive to our animal kingdom.  I had to give up watching Meercat Manor because I was stressing out over Shakespeare.  Anything with fur, feather and good instincts I tend to love.  I think the hardest animals to love are humans because I speak their language.
4)  I feel strangely connected with birds and have believed they come as "signs" at times in my life.  When my daughter was an infant, I had to drive her to the hospital each day to follow up on some things that happened during her birth, each day I drove her there, I saw a heron.  I knew when I saw that heron, everything will be okay.  Since then we have always said that my daughter's totem animal is a heron.  Mine is a kingfisher.  My husband's is a bald eagle.  No starlings for this family.

5)  I love Sunday mornings, sitting on the couch with my family, cats and with golden retriever on the floor below us .  The fire is going, I'm drinking fresh coffee and everyone is reading.   If I could bottle this feeling and sell it to everyone, it would be the most expensive product ever and there would be lines in all the stores for that kind of quiet, calmness, and feeling of a perfect morning.
6)  During a German test when I was an undergrad at the UW, the only word I could remember was "durchfall," which means "diarrhea" in Deutsch.  So I basically wrote ever sentence with that word in it (andit was travel-themed too) so my sentences included lovely lines like "Ich habe durchfall in das auto" (I have diarrhea in the car), "Ich habe durchfall an der Grenze" (I had diarrhea at the border).  I can only imagine what my professor was thinking when he read my test.  Oh and I ended up getting a D.
7)  I love the words:  lollygagging, hipsway (not a real word but to me), discombobulated, razzle-dazzle, beefsteak (a kind of tomato), planchette, flip-flops, swoon, nebula, madrona, foxglove and chaos.
My least favorite words are: filibuster, panties, meniscus, coccyx, mucus, really (like when someone does or says something and someone just responds, "Really.")  I'm forgetting some, but my friend Joanna knows all my dislikes in words (and can use them all in a sentence.)  I think she hates the word "cubby" if I'm remembering correctly.   

Now for the bloggers I chose to share 7 things about themselves and the bloggers I think are stylish-



  1. There's about a dozen poetry seeds in this post, Kelli. I hope you find some time in the next few days to draft at least one of these list items into a poem.

    Speaking of foreign languages, I wonder what I will accidentally say to the Parisians . . . am now studying my childrens' French dictionary in preparation for our voyage next summer . . . will I accidentally call them all bidets?

  2. Ha! I saw your Halloween pics and I STILL think you (and you're blog) are stylish!

    Thanks for playing.

  3. oops - make that *your* blog.

  4. Hey Kelli, I got your postcard the other day. Sorry I didn't let you know sooner, but I did receive the loaner copy of your book. Planning to send it off when my semester is over. Thanks :)

    Still following your blog--always something interesting to read here.

  5. Ha! Yes, cubby is one that makes me cringe. I was laughing at this post--I have a durchfall story, too! I'll have to tell it to you sometime. :)

  6. CUBBY!! Joanna, please do share your durchfall story. You always have me laughing!

    Susan- you're welcome. ;-)

    Thanks, Marty, I will sow the seeds.

    CY-- glad you got my book!

    Drew-- I look good as a guy (And I'm talking about my Halloween pics, not in general.) ;-)

    Thanks all!


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