Monday, January 03, 2011

What's in the Future for Book of Kells...

I've been thinking about this blog for 2011.

I'm going to continue Confession Tuesday because well, I'm Catholic and it's just much more fun to virtually confess (plus, a few of you have mentioned to me that this your favorite day on Book of Kells).

I will also continue Thankful Thursday, but with a slight change in focus. Since one of my goals for 2011 is to focus on what I can do for others, I'm thinking my Thankful Thursday post will highlight someone.  It will be a way to share someone's project, someone's blog, someone's idea, someone's art, someone's "something" with you.  It will be someone or something that I am thankful is in the world.

I also have some requests for blog topics on putting a manuscript together, my thoughts on poetry contests (and recommendations), my writing practice in regards to discipline and staying focused as well as my work as a teacher/mentor to other poets.

There will definitely be talk about poetry, book, writing, the writing life, living creatively, art, organization, and things that inspire me or that I love, but the rest, we will just leave that to the months ahead to sort out.

What I can promise you here... I will do my best to be interesting as well as honest and authentic.

Thanks for reading into 2011...



  1. 'I'm going to continue Confession Tuesday because well, I'm Catholic and it's just much more fun to virtually confess'...made me chuckle, but how true it is for me as well...I found you via the strangest google, but glad I did...

    I also belong to a group of poets who blog, and look forward to coming here more...

    Creative TMI

  2. Thanks for your note! I'll check out your blog as well.

    And I am SO curious to what your "strange google" was that led you here.. Do tell. It can be considered a virtual confession.

    Thanks again for your note and glad you like my blog.

  3. I was googling poetry blogs and you turned up on a 'best poetry blog' list, but I am glad I found you, enjoying reading your post!


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