Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Confession Tuesday - The Year Older Edition

Dear Reader,

I am a year older since my last confession.  But a year wiser?  I'm learning towards... not really.  Maybe I should confess to let you know my many mistakes...

To the confessional--

I confess I think I am a young soul who will learning and relearning the same lessons over life.  While some people arrive in this world with an older, wiser spirit, I feel my spirit is reading The Archies comic books while everyone has moved on to War & Peace.

I confess I think I spend a lot of time reminding myself of things I thought I've learned.  For awhile I had the  Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz on a post-it note near my computer--
1. Be Impeccable with your Word
2. Don’t Take Anything Personally
3. Don’t Make Assumptions
4. Always Do Your Best
****While I have these memorized, I constantly need to remind myself of them.  I have always wondered if there is one day I'll just be perfect enough to live without having to run my fingers through the notecards in my brain.
Of course, the other day, a friend told me that the Dalai Lama uses an exercise bike, so maybe we all have things we need to work on.
I confess in most important situations and probably all vacations, I have chosen the wrong shoes.
I confess I was excited to see I could write 1-11-11 on all my correspondence today.  These kind of dates make me want to write checks.  Though for the last eleven days I've been writing 2010.  Oh yes, and I confess, I'm the  person in front of you who still writes checks.  (I have never felt comfortable with debit.)
I confess much of my birthday was spent reading Facebook wishes.  THIS is what Facebook was made for-- Birthdays!   Forget every negative thing I've said about Facebook, it makes up for threefold with birthday greetings.
I confess one day I hope to find that I truly am wiser, and not just a wise-arse.  
I confess I wasn't upset about turning 42 and haven't worried about getting older or what they call "fading looks."  I wasn't really a cute child and was never complimented on being pretty, so for me, I have never had "good looks" to lose and feel I've only become better looking--whether it's true or not.  (Who knew there was a huge benefit of being homely as a kid!?)
It's absolutely weird how that happened, but I think there's a part of me that likes myself better.  It's not because I'm smarter, new & improved, or actually better looking, but I think as I've grown older, so has the part of me who looks at the world with compassion.  That person now looks in the mirror and sees she is nowhere near perfect, but thinks hey, she's trying her best-- as really, I think we all are.
I confess a friend of mine has this has her signature quote and every time I read it, it makes me feel good--
Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.  ~Plato

I think when we wake in our worst moods, we should remember this for ourselves as well.




  1. as I stare at the snow and think about what I wish I was doing, this is a terrific reminder to just enjoy what I am doing :)

    And 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything. So here's to a magical year!

    I also confess I ALWAYS wear the wrong shoes on vacation :)

  2. I feel the same way about my looks! In fact, Glenn was looking at an old high school pic of me all dressed up for some dance, and he said "your face looks much better now. Especially your nose." Which I thought was a. hilarious, and b. evidence that sometimes we grow into our faces.
    When I pack for a vacation, I take five pairs of shoes, all of which will be wrong for the weather/occasion.

    Happy post-birthday!

  3. Great post, enjoyed thoroughly!

  4. I confess when I look into a mirror I see an older me, or my mom and grandmother!

    42 was not the year I knew everything Jessie Ha! I will be 50 and I still am searching...btw I love that pic of the chicks!

    Great advise post here!


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