Friday, November 19, 2010

More on Branding to Come...

Thanks for your great comments so far on my "You are not a brand" post.  They have really helped me figure out why the word "brand" hits me so hard and in such the wrong way.

I've responded to the comments and hope to hear more from you about what you think about this term or this idea of "branding."

I have realized while I consider myself the Capricorn realist in the world, when it comes to artists, writers, and poets, I am a romantic.

I have never romanticized living in poverty, but I think I do romanticize the act of creating, of living the life of a writer or poet or artist.  I will be thinking a lot more about this today and hopefully, writing more on it tonight.

As I said, the comments have been intrigued me to think deeper about why I do dislike the word, "branding."  Maybe because it comes from the corporate world and I do not want it in this artistic world.  I realized if someone said, "I want to focus your work so you connect with a greater audience" I wouldn't have an issue with that.  But hearing, "I want to brand your work..." makes me cringe.

So often, it comes down to language for me-- what words we chose to use and the ones we don't.  It's why I write, really.

Thanks for listening.  More soon...

~  Kells

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