Tuesday, November 02, 2010

confession Tuesday

Dear Reader,

It's 2 days after Halloween and I am missing Halloween.

It is truly one of my very favorite holidays.  I can't even describe it, but there is a certain feeling in the air on Halloween.  I feel this same way on Easter morning.  All Sundays have a certain feel, but Easter feels cleaner. Halloween feels as if my neighborhood and community just became a little smaller.  It also feels as if there are witches crossing over the moon above me, ghosts in the blackberry vines.

And I love free candy.  And trick-or-treating.  And spooky decorations.  I love vintage decorations though.

But now we're moving into November where we will hear over the next 8 weeks -- time is flying by and my favorite, "I can't believe it's almost Christmas."  Holy overwhelming holidays, Batman, life is going by...

But it's Tuesday and while I've already kind of confessed that 1) I am getting old and life goes by faster and 2) I love Halloween, there is even more.

To the confessional--

I confess I'm still having sleep issues.  Hello 2 am!  What shall we do tonight?

I confess the sun has left the building, so I've started taking Vitamin D again because where I live, my favorite star is on hiatus for the next 7 or 8 months and I will wear a coat of grey clouds.

I confess that this is where anxiety lives-- in the edges of sky and trees empty of leaves.  This year, slightly less, but still the fall is my favorite time of year, but it is also the time I feel more like disappearing from the world and need numerous reminders that all paths are good.  (Hello self-doubt, what are you doing up at 2 am?)

I confess I am not ready for November to be here with it's pointy letters, I like the softer shapes of October.  November is a fork in a turkey.  October is the perfect full moon.

I confess I feel as if I'm catching up on things and also falling behind.  I did submit 3 poems yesterday to a journal and that felt good.  1 submission in 47 days.  And I have felt very inspired to write.  And have been writing (just not submitting- something I hate to do.)

And I watched this documentary-- Inspirations that had interviews with David Bowie, Dale Chihuly, Roy Lichtenstein & others about creativity.  I confess I did not need to see Dale Chihuly naked in a bathtub, but I love listening to the creative process of other artists.  I connected with all except the dance choreographer.  I'm not sure why except that all the other artists actually created a tangible item (even David Bowie) and for dance, you have to be there for the moment of creation because then it's gone.  

I don't recommend purchasing this movie (it's pricey and I'm not sure how often you'd watch it), but getting it from Netflix.   But I do recommend watching it if you're interested in how different types of artists get their ideas, create, etc.

We can all learn from each other that way.

And it's especially good on these grey days when it feels good to stay inside.




  1. "November is a fork in a turkey. October is the perfect full moon."

    What a beautiful way of putting into words what I'm feeling!

  2. And I have a confession: Confession Tuesday is my favorite of your blog features. Love. It. And I agree with K above: the fork vs. full moon analogy works perfectly. I never quite thought about the letters November like that--pointy.

    I hope the grey days don't derail you this year. Vitamin D is always good, as are walks in the rain, umbrella in hand. And maybe a new pair of shiny rain boots. That is my plan.

  3. "...the fall is my favorite time of year, but it is also the time I feel more like disappearing from the world..."


    The colors are invigorating, before they leave completely--but the darkness makes me want to hibernate.

    Thank you for putting it so well.

  4. if you enjoy art and process, check out the series art/21. netflix has it, it's an old pbs series and it's terrific. kjm

  5. Kelli, I love your blog! I do. I'm not just saying that (and I'm not just fishing for new followers - though it always helps). I'm actually a friend of Midge Raymond and I she mentioned your blog, which I visited, and fell in love with. Your most recent post about Halloween was amazing. SO, I mentioned it in my most recent post. It started out as a blog for my fitness goals, but once again I'm inspired to lean towards a blog about ME. I can focus on my health, but at the same time talk about other things that I want to change for the better, blah blah blah. Anyway....thanks for reading my rambling. :)

  6. Another hurray for the October/November thing. That was great!

  7. Thanks everyone!

    And nice to meet you, Sean. Midge is wonderful, isn't she?!

    Kevin -- Thanks for your recommendation. I've had that on my Netflix instant watch queue forever and started watching them. They are great!


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