Thursday, October 07, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Gratitude Journal

1)  Finding Emily in odd places.  

I have to thank my family for their sense of humor on this.  The above, Emily Peering through the Bathroom Blinds, freaked me out this morning (but in a good way.) It's nice to get your heart pounding at 7 am.

1) Jim Behrle's blog and response on the news that they just found a poem by Ted Hughes called "Last Letter" written after Sylvia Plath, his wife, committed suicide.

3) ROAD TRIP with 2 good friends.  Helllllllo, Bookfest!

4)  My wireless mouse (when it's working and/or not out of batteries).

5)  wasbai peas.

6)  Yesterday's celebration on Facebook for my Poetry Daily poem and all the good wishes.  

7)  "Seizing the Mundane."  A phrase I heard in explaining it's not the big things that cause success or happiness, but the smaller daily things.  Keeping up on the little things.   (I should probably blog more about this later.)

8) Caller ID and the special double-ring when it's a solicitor!  

9)  Watching the leaves fall from the trees.  Autumn awesomeness.


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