Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Confession Tuesday on Wednesday...

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I confess when I sent that quick email of my nightstand last night, I knew it wasn't enough, it was half-arsed confession Tuesday, but I confess, I was so tired I needed to sleep.

I confess like an 96 year old woman, I've been going to bed earlier and earlier these days.  And actually, I'm sure a 96 year old woman could outlast me at a party.

Some things I've noticed by getting more sleep--

1)  I'm nicer
2)  I'm not as anxious
3)  I'm happier
4)  I feel better
5)  I have a stronger immune system

Now, I'm sure most of you are aware of these benefits, but it's taken me X number of years to figure them out.  The less-anxious part is truly shocking to me.  I feel like a different person when I have a full-night's sleep.  Imagine!

So this is my second confession Tuesday because I confess taking a photo of my nightstand (and you didn't even see the stack of Oprah magazines I'm behind on!) wasn't really as good as you deserve, more of a lazy confession, which is exactly where I was last night.

So I'll confess more.  I'll confess how I just spent $20 on a "hotel pillow" and I've never spent that much on a pillow and now, my perfect pillow isn't so perfect.  Its perfection lasted about a week and now it's as if I've rested my head on a lump of playdoh.

If you have the perfect pillow, please let me know what it is and where I can get it.  I've been searching for it for years!  (And yes, I've even tried going pillowless...not for me).

Also, in the shopping department of the confessional, I confess I just spent more on clothes last Thursday than I have in 5 years.  (Okay, you'd probably think this would be a ton of money, but since I shop at consignment shops, it's really not that much.  I'm almost embarrassed to say because I know that some of you might have spent this much on one dress or coat or _______________ - fill in the blank).  For me, and my $ is my pocket is > than new clothes, it was kind of hard to do.

I'll be honest, I hate shopping and I have set prices in my head for how much I should pay for something.  

I have become someone much different than the 20-something I was who would spend $140 on a Benetton sweater without blinking an eye.  My Ralph Lauren sweatshirt for $85.  My Coach purse for $320 including the leather kit to care for said Coach purse.

Maybe it comes with having a child or realizing that I'd rather spend my money on experiences than things.  (Of course, I want to look good, so I do appreciate picking up a few key wardrobe elements every so often.  I'm thrifty-- thrifty and vain, I'd say.)

Maybe this wanting to spend less on clothes is also because I don't have the full-time corporate job and money (like it did in my 20's) doesn't arrive weekly in check form in an envelope with my name on it.  It's an interesting place where I am--waiting to look good, wanting quality clothes, but not wanting to pay retail prices.  I still have not read  The Circle of Simplicity: Return to the Good Life (by Cecile Andrews - my live simply Bible) this year as I do every fall.  Had I read it, I bet I would have only bought 1 sweater instead of 3, 1 pair of pants instead of 4.  But alas, I guess the good news is I have options now and well, 3 of the pants still have tags on them, so I can always take them back.

One last confession-- I confess I've been not-so-good at responding to your comments, but know, I read every one and appreciate seeing them.  Thank you and amen.



  1. Let's hear it for thrifty & vain.

    I'm right there with you!

  2. My husband has always been very picky when it comes to his pillow and has tried at least a dozen since we met. Being not nearly as picky, I inherit all of his duds and happily use them all. He's stuck with the same pillow for almost a year now which means that he has finally found "the one". It's a water pillow that he picked up at a chiropractor's office. You can adjust the firmness according to how much water you fill it with. It may be worth a try :)

  3. I'm the same about sleep and tend to go to bed by 9 p.m. most nights, making me the first to leave the party. I agree to all 5 things you list as benefits.


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